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List Description
5mof-symposium [no description available]
Accessibility [no description available]
Android-dev [no description available]
Bio [no description available]
Board [DEPRECATED] Board members discussion forum
Build [no description available]
Caffeine Discussion and hacking of caffeine delivery systems
Chunky_bacon [no description available]
Circuit-Hacking Circuit-Hacking Mondays, Circuit-Hacking Arduino Mondays, Fixit Clinic
cloud Distributed systems.
Congress Traveling to Europe for the Congress?
CQ Amateur Radio
Cyborg [no description available]
Darkroom Darkroom at Noisebridge.
DATA organizing, analyzing, designing applications
Digitalarchivists a list for organizing archivist activities at, through, and around Noisebridge.
DRIL [no description available]
East [no description available]
EFA The list coordinating Noisebridge's involvement in the Electronic Frontier Alliance
Euler Noisebridge Project Euler group
event-handlers For those organizing events at Noisebridge.
Excellence-hackers [no description available]
Fab [no description available]
formal-methods Readings in formal methods.
Freecon A Free Software Unconference in San Francisco
French All things French at Noisebridge
Fundraising [no description available]
German verin for german
Hackability A list for modifying mobility equipment like wheelchairs, scooters, and powerchairs.
Hacks To post to this list you must include dox of new hacks!
Hardware Hardware hacking at Noisebridge
haschool Haskell class.
Iron-blogger Updates and events for the Noisebridge Iron Blogger
Japan-help [no description available]
Laser Trained lasercutter users
Library Organizing and maintaining the NB Library
Lockers For coordinating the lockers @ 2169
Longitude [no description available]
Madhatters Defunct
Mediation [no description available]
ml The list for the machine learning at noisebridge
Neuro Mailing list for neuro hacking and biomonitoring
Night Noisebridge at Night
Noisebridge-announce Our announcement list
Noisebridge-discuss Our primary discussion list
Noisebridge-jobs resumés and job postings
Noisedroid The Noisebridge build of Android
Occupy-dev [no description available]
Occupy-infrastructure [no description available]
Patrickodtest [no description available]
policy Policy Wonks: doing tedious administrative work behind the scenes.
Powerstation-discuss [no description available]
Python Python and PyClass Mailing List
Rack Subscription required for unmoderated queuing
Redshirts [no description available]
Safety Discussion of safety and security at the physical Noisebridge space.
Schemers Discussions regarding any scheme-related activities at noisebridge.
Security [no description available]
SEM Scanning Electron Microscope
Sewing Sewing, fabric & machine related discussion
Signal2noise Manages the S2N Noisebridge Fanzine
Socialengineering Technical solutions to sociological problems
Sound-Hacks Hand-made instruments, audio circuit-making, audio programming, and music hacking.
Space Spacebridge
Tastebridge Tastebridge discussion and news
Tiny-tux Group for lite-weight implementations of Linux and Android OS's on embedded, handheld, and other non-Intel hardware
Toorcamp Planning for Toorcamp 2009
undupfs deduplicating layered filesystem
WebDev The list for web development classes. A place for class announcements and discussion about the material.
ZhongWen [no description available]
zine ZinesFromOuterSpace

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