[5mof-symposium] Proposal: 5MOF Symposium; Protocols vs. Platforms

Dan Cote terminationshok at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 21:08:07 UTC 2013

I am thinking of having a 5MOF event where we all talk about a single
topic. This topic is near and dear to many of us.

Protocol stacks like email have served us well since the beginning of the
internet. Email continues to be the "lowest common denominator." It's the
communication tool that everyone disagrees with the least. Protocols allow
people, computers, companies, and other entities to communicate in a
prescribed manner.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google's many offerings, and many others
offer deeply customized computing experiences for specific tasks. A company
or group of companies acquire talent and spend time dialing in these tools.

Day One: 5MOF at Noisebridge
Day Two: Lightning Talks at Hacker Dojo
Day Three: Your Bay Area Hackerspace
Day Four: Final Showdown venue tba

The hackerspace days would have a social atmosphere, like dev house. There
would be opportunities for serendipitous encounters. The best speakers will
be invited to speak again at the Final Showdown, which is of course,
serious business.

It is my not-so-secret nefarious goal that people who have been working on
platforms can learn from the protocol people and vice versa.

If you are interested in organizing this, send a message to
5mof-symposium at lists.noisebridge.net, or join the
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