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We should totally be part of this! I'm bringing a vidcam tonight and on
Monday - won't film you unless you're cool with it, but would love to be
able to introduce as many of us as possible - input wanted!


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Hi there,

So guys are getting a lot of attention. In a good way, of course. We've
received some interest in filming a documentary of the competition. We're
talking with a San Francisco film company who has ties with the Maker
Faires. The company is a loose collective lead by the Director and Producer
John Behrens. The only way we want to pursue this is if we can involve all
the teams, and not just the people we fly out to the event in May. With that
in mind would the teams who have shot video be willing to share that content
to be included in film?

We haven't thought through how the final form of this idea will live - we
certainly don't want to create a commercial product on the backs of your
hard work. This might be something that we create just to be shared with the
participants of the event as a keep sake, it could be something that will
promote future Maker Faires or be a charitable project where revenue, if
any, can go back to the Hackerspaces. Like I say, we're not there yet. We
just felt that this time in history is too important not to capture for the

We're going to put some more ideas together and keep everyone in the loop on
the mailing list. In the mean time I created an FTP account on our server
for where interested teams can upload copies of their video. Ideally I'm
sure the editors would appreciate raw footage to work with but that can tie
up your bandwidth for days. I'll leave it to your judgement. We'll be
monitoring the FTP account to make sure we're not hitting any caps from
our provider. I'll send the username and passwords in separate emails.

host: agentsilverfox.com
username: hackerspaces

If you have any ideas, please let us know.

MARK SANDERS | SILVERFOX | o 415.701.1701  c:408.728.4674

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