[Bio] quick update on DTS

Rolf rolfvw at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 08:49:14 UTC 2011

Hi Folks,

I revisited the digital temp sensor tonight, and found that I was getting
false reads from it.
Or, the code has bugs, I'm not sure.

So, I thought to try out the new Maxim parts, which allow
for powering the sensor.  Same code.  Same demo.
Luckily, these new parts seem to be totally reliable.

I made a new Arduino sketch for it, and rearranged the output to
be more like what Marc is expecting.


and so on...

I touched the sensor with my obviously warm finger, and you can see
that it heats up.

This format is not fixed length, but uses an "@" as the start of a
packet and "$" as the end.
TC means "temperature in C", followed by probe number (0), followed by
the temperature as a floating
point number.
A colon (:) is the field separator.
The number of fields is fixed, however.
One could imagine other probe types, like PH or NIR or OD.

Oh, and the first string is an ID that identifies the board and
software version.
(really, it is whatever string you put in the code)

That's it!

What I am hoping for this Monday is that I can meet with Marc and try
to integrate better with
what he has done.
Do we have an extra Boarduino anywhere?
It really is the easiest way to set this up.
Alternatively, a breadboard and a normal Arduino should be workable too.
(easier to have loose wire problems, that's all)


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