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I would love for us to do this! Is anyone up for driving stuff down a day in
advance and participating in Education Day? I volunteer labour, but would
need a car + driver.


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 Being there for Education Day is a lot of fun!  If anyone(s) want to show
up Friday to show off some projects, you'll probably enjoy it a lot -- and
it will also show off Noisebridge to all the parents and teachers who come
along with their kids.

I'll be there showing off a bunch of my projects for the Hardware Hacking
Area.  It would probably make sense for me to do that at the Noisebridge
booth on Education Day.  Anyone else want to join in?  You can show off
anything at all.


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Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Fwd: Maker Faire Ed Day: will you be there
for the kids?

I may have checked some boxes in our Maker Faire application which indicated
what we did was related to education and doing projects, but I don't
remember signing up for a day of educational projects for children. If
anyone has any plans for this, we've been invited-- otherwise I'm going to
e-mail Michelle Hlubinka and let her know we didn't intend to be there on

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From: *Maker Faire Education (Michelle Hlubinka)* <education at makerfaire.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 3:34 PM
Subject: Maker Faire Ed Day: will you be there for the kids?
To: Rameen Navid <emprameen at gmail.com>

Hello Rameen Navid,

We're starting to put together the program for this year's Maker Faire
Education Day, a chance for school groups to get a sneak preview of Maker
Faire on Friday, May 20th, 2011. From your project proposal I see that you
were interested in being a part of the day, to exhibit your Maker Faire
project, "Noisebridge."

This email is to confirm your participation and share our first sketch of
the event.

Education Day is our opportunity to get some time interacting with hundreds
of kids and inspire them to become Makers in disciplines they may never have
imagined. Meeting you and learning about your Maker Faire project may pick
up those students who have been trampled in the education machine and give
them hope for what they could do--if not with their careers then with their
*lives*. We really appreciate that Makers enthusiastically volunteer to work
with the field trips every Maker Faire. It means that you share the Maker
Faire crew's desire to help realize the future of making and Makers by
giving a little extra time for the kids. Many of these kids can't come on
the weekend with their families. We're lucky to have you and teachers who
care about their kids making this event a reality.

We now have some more details about the event: The kids will be visiting on
the Friday before Maker Faire, from 11am-2pm. That means that participating
Makers should be set up and ready to interact with the students no later
than 10:45am. We will have adult volunteers leading groups around to your
exhibits, which will be in the safer areas of Maker Faire.

Expo Hall will be off-limits to kids on Friday for safety reasons. We will
be working with the production team to identify if your exhibit will be
placed in Expo Hall during the weekend event and to determine if it is
feasible for your exhibit to be in a different temporary location on Friday.
There is a possibility that in some cases it may not work for Makers to
participate if your weekend location is in Expo Hall.

Could you please confirm whether or not you can make it on
Friday, May 20th, by checking a box on our two-question form?
It asks for your 4-digit Maker # which is: 5036

Or send a quick reply to me and Alicia in the next few days. Oh! Allow me to
introduce her.... I'm delighted to tell you that Alicia Soliz--who provided
wonderful energy and support to the Ed Day program last year--will be
returning, now as the manager of the event, in place of Coral Clark who now
works at NASA Ames. You can ask Alicia questions about the event too. Her
email address is: lunalaugh at gmail.com

Thanks again for all you do for Maker Faire and inspiring the next
generation of Makers!

:) mi

Michelle "Binka" Hlubinka
Education Director: Make & Maker Faire
binka at oreilly.com
510-848-4262 home office

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