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Thought you all should see this ASAP.

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Hi there,

Here is a breakdown on the next steps for the Hackerspace Challenge.

What's the next milestone?

The Build phase will end Tuesday May 3rd, end of day Pacific time, (GMT-8).
By that time please have blog posts updated to reflect the final state of
your project. This is your final blog requirement. At the end of day May 3rd
the semi-finalist judging will start. The judges will be making their
choices of the three projects that will be going through to the finals at
the San Mateo Maker Faire.

What do I submit?

The judges will be making their decisions based on the content you have
posted to date on the element14 community plus any links to other sites if
you have included them on the element14 community site. If you have posted
content that you want to be included in the semi finalist submission but it
is not found in the canonical blog section of your teams community page,
e.g. it is on the overview of your group or in the project section of your
page please alert us so we can make sure that it is not overlooked. If
content related to your submissions is not available end of day May 3rd it
won't count against your project. You don't need to ship the final project
anywhere for the semi-finalist judging. If you are selected as a semi
finalist one member of your team and the project itself will come to the
Maker Faire so all the judges can inspect your build in person.

Ideally you will want to present your project in the most engaging and
accessible way possible in your community blog postings so the Judges can
understand how you have met the judging criteria. Certainly video would be a
great choice for showcasing what you have developed. There is no demerit for
not using video. Photography, detailed write ups, plans, schematics, etc are
all extremely viable choices.

The only other specific requirement that we have is that you provide a short
description of your project, (no more than 100-200 words), and a name you'd
like to use to describe it. Many of you have already included a brief
description in your early blog posts including a code name for your build.
If the description or project title has changed during the course of the
event - which is entirely understandable - please make sure you have a new
brief description and name. You can either edit an existing blog post, make
a new blog post or simply email this new or revised summary directly to me,
mark.sanders at agentsilverfox.com, or the mailing list. We want to a way to
easily refer to each project in our planning for Maker Faire and the
documentary that we are shooting. This will include all the finished
submissions, not just the semi-finalists.

If there is content that you have already posted that you want to edit or
remove - do it before the end of the build phase on May 3rd.

What are the judging criteria again?

The criteria will be:

 * How reproducible is the final project?
Imagine that you are an educator or student visiting the website or the
Maker Faire and you want to build a similar project. How well would that be
achieved allowing for different experience levels?

     * How easily can the parts be sourced in locations around the world?
Can your project be reproduced by different groups in the other hackerspaces
around the world or by educators and students in those countries? We want
the benefit of the design and build ideas to help people collaboratively
around the world learn and develop their own education related projects.

     * How low cost is the final output?
Can your project be reproduced and shared using a reasonable budget? Is the
value of sharing the idea of your build limited due to the cost of the parts
that would be required?

     * How well are the plans documented?
The plans don't have to described every step by step task. Perhaps part of
the simplicity of the documentation you create will invite others to
experiment in their construction and learn how to perform other procedures
from other sources.

     * How relevant is the project to the educational goals of schools
Is there a particular need in education that your project is helping to
improve? What is the need, who is affected and how is your project aiming to
assist them?

     * How inventive and creative is the design and build of the project
How have you been creative in your use of materials, skills, problem solving
or team structure?
 You are also at liberty to interpret these criteria in whichever way makes
sense for you.

Who are the judges?

The Judges as they stand right now are:

Mitch Altman, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitch_Altman
Ben Heck - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Heck
Jeri Ellsworth - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeri_Ellsworth
Windell Oskay - http://windell.oskay.net/me/me.html
Michelle Dawson, teacher, educator and school board technology programs
director - http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michele-dawson/a/513/955

These Judges will be on stage at the Maker Faire to award the grand prizes
and select an overall winner.

The semi-finalists will be chosen by a selection of these judges with input
by the organizational team; Ryan, Mark, and Sally, who will be assisting in
collating and organizing the large amounts of blog post content . The semi
finalists will be chosen based on a system where each of the six criteria
will be awarded between one and five points and the totals across all
requirements will be averaged against the total number of judges. The scores
will be made public.

If we are able to secure more judges for Maker Faire event you will be
notified before the event.

When will the semi-finalists be announced?

Friday May 6th end of day Pacific time. (GMT-8)

When will the semi finalists teams be contacted for travel arrangements?

Starting Friday May 6th. We will be wanting to know which airports you would
prefer to fly out of, who will be travelling on your team, when they can
leave and input on the shipping/cargo needs of the project that will also
have to travel.


If you have any other questions, or suggestions, please respond to the
mailing list. We prefer for that all conversations on matters of the
competition rules be conducted publicly for the benefit of all the teams. We
can discuss any operational, financial or scheduling details privately.

MARK SANDERS | SILVERFOX | o 415.701.1701  c:408.728.4674

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