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I have not found any sensor that is designed to handle mist from an ultrasonic humidifier; however, since we are to find the relative amount of gaseous water in the air (i.e. the relative humidity), not the amount of liquid water floating around, the mist is irrelevant and the sensor can easily be protected against its corrosive potential.  I have wrapped my Dwyer humidity switch sensor with a small piece of paper towel to protect it.  Admittedly, a crude technique, the towel does seem to completely protect the sensor against micro-mist while allowing ample air exchange for relative humidity measurements.  Occasionally I'll replace the paper towel if it looks like it's getting pretty dirty with spores, but mostly that isn't even an issue, except in the time frame of years.  Today I've been using the same Dwyer sensor for years, after burning out the first one I had in a few months without protection.

I am fascinated by this SHT15 chip.  I was blown away by the specs given the price point.  I hope we can find a way to make it all work in the chamber again.


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Jake says the wires on our temperature/humidity sensor are corroded and it
can't be revived.

If folks want to pitch in to buy a replacement SHT15 that's great (they
are about $40), otherwise I'm happy to purchase something cheaper, the
trade off being it'd be less precise (SHT11 or DHT22 possibly)!

Next time we will need to find better way to protect our sensor from such
a high humidity environment, perhaps with hot glue.

- Dana

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