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Thought you all might be interested.


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I got an email from Maya.  The event is its "free, but any donations people
want to make will go towards whatever projects we decide to work on."  The
flyer is attached.  Feel free to spread the word.
Debbie K.

*********Please forward to mushroom nerds, permaculture people, and anyone
who might want to come! Please print and post the attached flyer if you so

*Workshop and Meeting on Saturday, November 19th at the Long Haul
Infoshoppe - 3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA

*1pm - 2:00 **Radical Mycology: **Decomposing industrial toxins and feeding
ecological stability **with mushrooms *w/ Maya

This interactive power-point workshop will explore some of the ways that
humans can reintegrate in to our ecosystems by working with fungi. We'll
talk about basic fungal biology, ecological restoration with fungi,
mycophilosophy, mycogardening, basic mushroom cultivation techniques,
mushroom identification and more.

*2:00pm - 3:00 First ever Radical Mycology group meeting!*

Hey, anyone wanna work on mycorestoration projects, grow mushrooms cheaply
and sustainably, hunt mushrooms, start a community mushroom lab, make
mushroom paper, or some other cool mushroom project? The possibilities are
endless! Let's have a meeting to talk about our ideas. Bring snacks to
share if you want to. If you can't come, but you wanna be involved, contact
armillarianabs at gmail.com

*Why "Radical"?*

We see the use of fungal species for environmental betterment as an
extension of “radical” or “deep” ecology, which considers all beings as
having an inherent value and interdependence. Through our collaboration
with fungi, we are attempting to challenge assumptions about the importance
of the fungal kingdom in an effort to help shift our relationship to the
Earth toward greater harmony. One of the things that distinguishes radical
mycology from some of the other things going on in mycology is that the
kind of mycology work that we’re supporting is very cheap or free, are very
DIY and seek to reduce our reliance on the globalized industrial capitalist
system. Mycogardening, mushroom cultivation, mushroom identification,
mushroom paper-making are skills that can help us live outside of that
system, and build a sustainable future.

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