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Sat Nov 12 02:17:58 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I wanted to briefly introduce myself. This is Tony Longshanks, a recent
addition to the "NoiseBridge family." Love this space. I've been hanging
out a lot lately, & I want to contribute. I like to cook, though I'm pretty
amateur. I have some groceries in the refrigerator. Cynthia - "queen of the
kitchen" in one person's words - suggested I hook up with TasteBridge. I
was saying I'd like to make egg nog for the holidays - both alcoholic and
non-, maybe, to accommodate different needs. Perhaps I can meet up with
TasteBridge soon, and plan a time to make egg nog at one of the upcoming
get-togethers? Also, I've only made it once before. If anyone has a
recommended recipe, I'm all ears.

Looking forward to meeting y'all.

Below are a few links to me online, FYI.


*Tony K. LeTigre
*Writer / journalist / entrepreneur
anthonyletigre at gmail.com

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 6:00 PM, Rikke Rasmussen <
rikke.c.rasmussen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Went by Noisebridge again yesterday to check on the babies; unfortunately,
> there seems to have been some kind of problem with the power, as the wall
> socket that our fan and humidistat were plugged into was completely dead,
> so the chamber has suffered a drop in humidity at some point in the last
> couple of days. I re-wired and made sure that everything was running as
> intended, picked a few mushrooms, discarded a contaminated block and took a
> couple of shots - I'll post a link as soon as I get to a computer.
> Last, but certainly not least: I think I've told most of you already that
> Azi and I are planning to relocate to Atlanta for the winter - so hopefully
> you won't be too shocked to hear that we mean to leave Wednesday next week.
> I hope most of you have time to come to Noisebridge on Monday to talk about
> how to deal with the transition - around 7:30 as always?
> On Nov 7, 2011 6:49 PM, "Roger H" <domitron at yahoo.com> wrote:
> WOW!  I wish I lived closer, guys.  That is _really_ beautiful stuff
> there, and the humidity controller is AWESOME!  The uncooked bags are
> pinning like crazy, so I guess cooking the bags, at least for this species
> of oysters grown on recently-used coffee grounds, is not necessary at
> all.   That might be because the actual use of the coffee grounds was so
> close to inoculation that the heat was a pasteurization of sorts, which is
> doubly cool since not only does the coffee shop give you the substrate but
> also the energy to pasteurize it!   Oh and man that blue is GORGEOUS!  So
> cool!  We should totally do some pink oysters too.  They don't taste quite
> as great but they are beautiful.
> By the way, the mushroom fair is coming in December and Alan and I will be
> at the psilocybin mushroom table.  Alan, unlike myself, is a complete
> genius at memorizing thousands of mushroom names in Latin and has a knack
> for identification.  I'm more a grower, though, and can answer questions
> about growing any mushroom.
> Speaking of growing unfortunately my Stipticus bags with the
> molasses-fermented sawdust are not taking off at all.  After two weeks,
> there still is absolutely no sign of growth in them, so I have decided to
> see if this mycelium really does grow at a pH of 4.0 in a new liquid
> culture.  If it is truly Stipticus, it should grow great in it, at least
> according to the research papers I am using.  As I did not isolate this
> culture myself, I can only assume it is, as my friend believes, Stipticus,
> but there could have been some sort of mistake since he's human as much as
> I.  So far the 4.0 pH liquid culture is not showing definite signs of
> growth any more than the bags, although it's only been two days.  If it
> does grow, though, I will once again try to inoculate the substrate I have
> used before with it.  And if the liquid culture doesn't grow out at 4.0 pH
> as it did at 6.0 pH, it's back to the agar plates since I'll have to
> isolate the mycelium from some a few commercial wooden dowels I got that do
> have stipticus on them because I do not think the plate can be Stipticus if
> it cannot tolerate the lower pH since that's the approximate pH of the
> ecological niche this species inhabits in the wild.
> Roger
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> Hey everyone,
> Just a quick update on the status of our project, and a link to pictures
> of the firs...
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