[Bio] [Tastebridge] New round of oyster mushrooms?

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I have 20+ more pounds of oyster spawn for you guys (i.e. the other half of it), which should be more than enough.  I again appologize for my own limited participation other than purely financial.  The main reason for that is simply that I live 50 minutes from Noisebridge and gas runs me $20 or so for a round trip to it.  Given the time and money of that drive, I simply cannot make it as often as I'd like.
Right now I am experimenting with grow of Panelous Stipticus, the bioluminescent species that I grew for my 2007 Burning Man Glowin Shrooms display with an oyster-like morphology, growing natively on dead, rotting hardwoods in very acidic environments.  I have an excellent vigorous pure culture of Stipticus thanks to my friend Issac who lives in Oakland and is wild about mushrooms.  The agar culture took off in the spinning liquid culture and colonized to a deep level very rapidly for the species (8 days).  I will be injecting that into three 13-pound sterilized bags (HUGE bags) that are full of hardwood sawdust, citric acid to bring the pH to ~3.9, peat moss for minerals that might be at the soil/wood interface where these often grow, vermiculite for moisture retention, and Spawn Mate Pro and SE, both for supplementation.  The result should be very brightly-glowing fruits on dull-glowing blocks of mycelium.  Also I plan on bringing one of
 the blocks to the Noisebridge but first want to make sure it is already fruiting.  I suspect this will take approximately a month to 6 weeks from today.

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Hey everyone,

I'm thrilled to hear that there's so much continued support for this project!

It seems that Wednesday may not be the optimal night, however - would either Mondays or Thursday work out for people (both work for me)?

Perhaps we could have an initial planning meeting for the next run on Monday?


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Hey Rikke,
>I would love to experiment with coffee grounds and other species of mushroom, and I'd be happy to throw down for materials, etc.  I agree we need to come up with some sort of operating plan.  I'd like to think 3-4+ of us can share the leadership and the bounty.  Let's find a time to talk about what works and plan the next phase.  Also, we probably need to go do some tear down/clean-up in the mean time. 
>My schedule has changed a bit, and now I have classes on Wednesday (Natalie also has some classes going).
>Is there another night of the week that works for you?  Monday?  Thursday?
>On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 1:55 PM, Rikke Rasmussen <rikke.c.rasmussen at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hey peeps,
>>Is anyone interested in setting up another run of oyster mushrooms, perhaps experimenting with coffee grounds as substrate and getting the humidifier automated? 
>>I would really love to do another run, but I definitely have not been coming to Noisebridge nearly as much as I would like, so I also feel that some discussion of our collective ability to maintain the project is warranted. Roger has already said that he doesn't have the time to be the main organizer on this project, and I'm coming to the same realization regarding my own time commitment, so I was hoping that we could meet on Wednesday around 8 as usual, and figure out some way to manage the operation collectively?  
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