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Here's a response from Carol regarding the 501(c)(3) stuff.
I elaborated for her about question 6, and explained that the response for question 1 is the same as the promised stuff that Andy has not yet sent out.  But he will very soon, right Andy?

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Carol Gee <carolgee at sbcglobal.net>

MitchHi Mitch:Please elaborate on the following response:6.  Will Noisebridge compensate anyone through non-fixed payments, such as discretionary bonuses or revenue-based payments?  If yes, describe all non-fixed compensation arrangements, including how the amounts are determined, who is eligible for such arrangements, whether you place a limitation on total compensation and how you determine or will determine that you pay no more than reasonable compensation for services. AND will such non-fixed payments exceed $50,000 annually? No, unless splitting workshop revenue with a teacher counts.As to the following response, I’m not sure what I am to do:1.  Do we have any representative copies of newsletters, brochures, or similar documents for supporting details about activities and fundraising? Is the only source of communication the wiki?  I looked at it and it is totally transparent.  The IRS usually does look at this as part of the application review process, so we should be mindful of that.  I guess I can print out some of the wiki?  Any other ideas? - print out mailing list announcements of workshops- print out Laughing Squid & Make blog articles- Noisebridge stickerSee comments in red, below:on 11/9/08 2:11 AM, Mitch Altman at mitch at CornfieldElectronics.com wrote:
Hi Carol,I've attached info for you for Noisebridge.  I think this is everything.  Please let me know if you need any more info.     "noisebridge-501c3-draft-dmolnar-0-28-10-2008.doc" -- you asked us to fill in some blanks, and we did, in blue.     "answers.doc" -- you asked us a bunch of questions in an email. We stated the questions in this document and answered them in blue.          Questions for you:  In question 5, it says we need to certify these things.  Is there something special we need to do to certify these things, or just state it, as we did in this document? You certify by signing the 1023 application.Regarding question 7, what if we were to have a garage sale to get rid of items that are cluttering up the space and a member or someone on the board bought something -- would that be OK, or should members and boards members not be eligible to buy from these sorts of fund-raisers?This does not sound like a problem, because the “interested person” is not given preferential treatment or pricing, so I’m not at all worried about the garage sale scenario.     We have held a few events, and announced them via email to our email list.  Andy said he would convert some of these announcements to PDF and email them to you.  Has he done that?I haven’t seen this..... But I’ll look again in my spam mail box.  Please have him include “Noisebridge” in the subject line.  Thanks.Best,Mitch.
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