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Walter Funk walter at hologlyphics.com
Wed Nov 26 17:43:32 UTC 2008

HeyFolks at Noisebridge, 

Andy asked me to send info along about thefunder, he wants to asses if there will be any sticky legal issues forNoisebridge.Last night at the meeting there wasconsensus to move forward on this project if a noisebridge person would offerto be a point person, Mitch Altman said he would be the point person.

 The letter of intent is also just that, a letter of intent. Nothing legallybinding. People won’t be invited for a full proposal until March, so if by thenit seems this is a bad idea, we can always gracefully bow out, worst casescenario. I highly doubt that will happen though, think this is a really coolproject, and that’s why I have dedicated my life to doing this work.

The Funder is The Creative Work Fund. Oneaspect of the grant is “Media artists create works for film, video, video orsound installations, radio, or computer-based media”. This is what I am doing.

I have a very good draft of the letter ofintent and will finish it over the next few days. I have taken in considerationall they are looking for, and everything is aligned with what they seek. Thedeadline is December 3rd.

Hereare the relevant links for the Creative Work Fund:


This is the fiscalsponsor, they say they are very interested in this project, not just “we willlook at it”:


Although there are technical aspects, the main part of thecollaboration will be the artistic part, when the system is running good andpeople can create cool True 3D moving content. That is where people can reallybe involved, and the main focus of the project, to create a collaborative artwork shown to people. 

 There is a project page on the noisebridge wiki with pictures and info: 


 It would be good to emphasize that I have been working on this stuff for a longtime, it’s not just a fly by night idea. The Hologlyphics is something with ahistory, I’ve written papers on this published by The International Society forOptical Engineering. 

The timeline for the project is two years, that’s more thanenough, even working spare time. I have a solid design for the new version,that will interface with processing and Max/MSP, common tools of noisebridgemembers. Other languages can be used too, if people wish.

Anyhow my resume is also attached, to give people an ideaof my skills and background. If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask.

walter at hologlyphics.com

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