[Noisebridge-board] initial members list and motion

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Sat Nov 29 21:41:30 UTC 2008

Mitch, all -

We need to go through the formal member induction process; the board
needs to pass a motion adopting a membership process and an initial set
of members.

I'm going to consult the Nolo Nonprofit book to ensure we do something
reasonable, and I hope to have the legalese in place today or tomorrow.
Since Mitch is travelling for the next while, we'll want to do it by
unanimous written consent of the board -- send a PDF to Mitch, he prints
and signs and fedexes it to SF, and we all sign.

The one thing I need to do this is the list of founding members.  I'm
open to suggestions, but I was going to assume it was everyone who'd
paid membership dues in November before the institution of our formal
membership process.

Mitch, could you send out the list?  And possibly also the list of
people who paid dues in October?  (I think that one was on the mailing
list already.)


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