[Noisebridge-board] Just sent e-mail to insurance person

David Molnar dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 1 21:19:45 UTC 2008


FYI, here is the e-mail I just sent to Andrew Kantarzhi from Bonafide 
Insurance. We corresponded back in February about insurance. Let me know 
if there's anything I missed. I'll use this as a template for 
discussions with other insurance persons as well.


Hi Andrew,

We corresponded earlier this year regarding insurance for Noisebridge, 
an art and technology project space. Thanks for your patience and 
careful explanations. We have finally closed a lease on a space at 83C 
Wiese Street, San Francisco, CA.
So I am happy to finally resume our discussion with specifics.

I have filled out the insurance application you sent me earlier this 
year with the details concerning the space. What would be the best fax 
number to which to send it?

Since we last talked, we have decided to take Noisebridge the non-profit 
route. We are incorporating as a California Public Benefit non-profit 
and applying for IRS 501c3 status.

Another change since we last talked is that we will be offering 
workshops during the day or evening to members of the public. These will 
last roughly 2-3 hours and concern things like learning a new 
programming language, simple soldering projects, etc.

With regards to coverage, the landlord requires $1MM of general 
liability insurance. Does that also include "slip and fall" incidents? 
If not we would like to purchase that as well.

We are also interested in insurance against theft, but we would like to 
know what different prices are for different levels of coverage. I have 
filled out the application with a $1000 deductible on replacement costs 
totaling $15K. The replacement costs could be higher; we are currently 
building the space, so that's our current guess.

Finally, we are also looking for directors & officers insurance for the 
non-profit. Please let me know if you can provide that, or if not can 
you suggest someone?

Thanks again for all your help,
-David Molnar

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