[Noisebridge-board] Board meeting - Thursday evening?

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Thu Oct 2 08:06:44 UTC 2008

I'd like to call a board meeting for tomorrow evening. Specifically the
board and hopefully the entire board can come? Would sometime after 6 or
7pm in the space work for everyone?

Specifically, I'd like to:

    1) Air all of our grievances of the last few days.
    2) Resolve our interpersonal differences if possible (it seems
possible to me).
    3) Make a plan for consensus (in meetings and inter-board).
    4) Come up with a way to ensure meetings do not introduce new topics
to be decided on the spot (per Rachel's request). Hopefully we can also
come up with a format for meetings that we can all agree upon (no
railroading, ensuring people are heard, etc).
    5) Solve the key issue to the best of our ability. I'd like to talk
about transitive trust, etc.
    6) Discuss the process of incorporation.
    7) Discuss insurance issues.

Can everyone make that meeting? Is that possible?


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