[Noisebridge-board] Board meeting - Thursday evening?

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Thu Oct 2 16:35:01 UTC 2008

I can make a lunch meeting Friday ... hell, I'll manage to make a lunch 
meeting today if that's better for you, Noah.

I suggest a slight modification to Jake's agenda, in order of importance 
as I see it:

     1) write down the membership plan including suggested monthly dues 
so we can present it to the members in time to give them at least SOME 
discussion time
     2) Solve the *current* key issue to the best of our ability. I'd 
like to talk about transitive trust, etc.
     3) Make a plan for consensus (in meetings and inter-board).
     4) Come up with a way to ensure meetings do not introduce new topics
to be decided on the spot (per Rachel's request). Hopefully we can also
come up with a format for meetings that we can all agree upon (no
railroading, ensuring people are heard, etc).
     5) Discuss the process of incorporation.
     6) Discuss insurance issues.
     7) Resolve our interpersonal differences if possible (it seems
possible to me).
     8) Air all of our grievances of the last few days.

We really need to get #1 done for our members to chew on for a bit.  If 
we do nothing but that I will call it a win.

I put the personal stuff last because our first responsibility as the 
board is to get the work done.  Also, in the immortal words of CS Lewis, 
"People always get on better when they are making plans than when they 
are talking about nothing in particular."


Andy Isaacson wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 02, 2008 at 01:35:49AM -0700, Noah Balmer wrote:
>> I am booked solid for the next two days. I am, however, open to discussing
>> any or all of these things, either via email, phone calls with any or all of
>> you or over the weekend.  I could also go by the space briefly around
>> lunchtimes if anyone wants to meet up then too.
> I feel like our email discussions have been valuable but have generated
> more heat than light, so I'd really prefer we find a time where the
> entire board can meet in person for at least 2 hours.
> Noah, since it sounds like your time is the gating factor, please let us
> know what times work for you and let's see if it works for everybody
> else?
> I can make any 2 hour period in the next 5 days work.
> -andy (already weary of being special)
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