[Noisebridge-board] proposed membership process

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Fri Oct 3 06:02:36 UTC 2008

Here's some text which is what I remember the consensus being.  I am 
very tired and did not go look up any of this so it could be wrong, if 
anyone remembers differently please fix it.

I also realized it's not suitable for Now because it has that 3 month 
hanging around window.  We should have an initial membership process 
that lets everyone who's been around already be a member, and then 
change it later.  Probably we should drop 1 & 2 for about a month, and 
then put them in.

Anyway.  First draft.  I'll work on it again tomorrow afternoon if 
nobody else has in the interim.

How to Join Noisebridge
1. go as a guest and meet people; hang out there often and do things
2. after 3 months of hanging out, have someone propose you for 
membership by adding, X new member
3. you give the secretary or his designee a name and an email address to 
receive Official Communications at
4. at the meeting, a simple majority of members present will vote you in 
(we talked about having a quorum of 3 members for such votes; that 
didn't get in the bylaws but it might be do-able by board resolution)
5. pay your monthly dues of $X.xx.  We discussed this being adjustable 
at the board's discretion.

Things I don't remember discussing:
* dues' due date
* acceptable payment means

How to leave Noisebridge
* Notify the secretary that you are leaving, by email or in writing.
* 1. stop paying dues
   2. the board will bug you about it
   3. after 3 months (I think) you will automatically be out
* kicked out process can probably wait, or we can copy it from the CA 
law.  i anticipate lots of discussion about kicking out...

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