[Noisebridge-board] plan for bank account

David Molnar dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 9 18:54:51 UTC 2008

hey all,

Jake has signed the Certificate of Authority and will be giving that to
me plus a copy of his passport. Here is what I need from the rest of the

1) The signed resolutions, which include the resolution to open a bank
account. Wells Fargo wants us to fax this to them. Andy, do you have these?

2) If you want to be a signer on the bank account to begin with, I need
your signature on the Certificate of Authority and I need a photocopy of
your drivers' license or other ID card. Wells Fargo wants the ID card.
We can always add you later, so this does not have to block opening an
account, but if you happen to be around, let me know.

I am going to head over to Noisebridge by 2pm or so today to pick up the
Certificate of Authority and Jake's passport copy. If you want to sign
and give me a copy of your ID, please let me know soon. Otherwise once I
have the signed resolutions I will fax everything in and continue the
application. Again, we will add everyone to the account as soon as we
can. Wells Fargo's web site mentions something about a "limit of 4
principals" for the account as well, I will ask about that and let you
all know.

Finally, the bank needs $100 to open. Jake is giving that $100 to me,
I'll either credit card it or deposit it in person to the bank. After
the account is open, Mitch can transfer our current balance into it.

Let me know if you have any questions.
-David Molnar

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