[Noisebridge-board] FW: [Fwd: Bylaws, revised]

David Molnar dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 23 17:33:02 UTC 2008

Rachel McConnell wrote:
> David Molnar wrote:
>> Mitch Altman wrote:
>>> Please check this out, from Carol.
>> Looks good. My only question is how to interpret Carol's note in red
>> about new members requiring a vote of the current members. Is she saying
>> just that there is no other section that discusses this, therefore we
>> keep the text about a vote of the current members but don't have a
>> cross-ref?
>> Or is she saying that her proposed edit is to remove the text stating
>> members are voted in by other members?
>> First one is fine with me, second is probably not -- but I'll defer to
>> Membership Team on that one.
> I interpret this as the second.  However I don't mind having it in the
> Bylaws that way, as we can change it by resolution of the board. And
> we'll have to do a board resolution on the membership process anyway,
> once the membership team has completed their work and the members
> approve it.

OK, that makes sense to me. If we want to we can amend the bylaws as
well, too.

-David Molnar

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