[Noisebridge-board] Re: FW: [Fwd: Re: acknowledgment from IRS?]

David Molnar dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 23 17:42:27 UTC 2008

Mitch Altman wrote:
> Here's Carol's response about acknowledgement from the IRS.

Thanks. The insurance agent says once we have the letter, we can get the
NAIC property quote within about a week.

It sounds like the last thing Carol needs from us is "the rules of
conduct". Is that right? What "policies required by the IRS" does she
mean there, and are they already in the bylaws draft she sent out?
I just looked, and while there are references to "rules of conduct" they
aren't in the bylaws. Do they have to be in the bylaws or can we just
deal with them by a board resolution?

-David Molnar

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