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Some more fun with fill-in-the-blanks.

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Carol Gee <carolgee at sbcglobal.net>

Mitch Altman <mitch at CornfieldElectronics.com>Hi Mitch:  Thanks for your information.  I am attaching the supplemental information to the IRS application for you to review and provide some further detail.  I left long blanks “________” where we need some further information, specifically, on fundraising and future activities.  Could you take a look?  Also, please provide more information on the residencies that you propose to provide to chosen artists/scientists/technologists.  I believe it probably constitutes a “Scholarship, fellowship, educational Loan or other educational grant to individuals”, which requires providing some additional information.  I have attached the relevant schedule to the application, “Schedule H”  Please note the information requested on “Section I”.  [and right now I can’t get my scanner to work, so I will get this to you shortly]Let me know if you have questions.Thanks,Carolon 10/27/08 4:49 PM, Mitch Altman at mitch at CornfieldElectronics.com wrote:
Hi Carol,Here's the estimated number of hours per position (please see below). Please note that some of the times are per month, and others are per week.Thanks,Mitch.-------------------Carol Gee wrote: 
Hi Mitch:Please provide estimated number of hours worked for each position listedbelow.Draft of application form to follow, with a few questions for you all.Rgds,Carolon 10/2/08 12:46 AM, Mitch Altman at mitch at tvbgone.com wrote:   
Hi Carol,Here's a list of duties for officers and key personel:     Jacob Appelbaum -- executive director:  manage all officers and keypersonel.  Give presentations to community groups.  Fund raising.Creating and organizing educational workshops and programs. 8 hours per month.     Mitch Altman -- treasurer:  accounting and finances.  Record allincome and expenses.  Short report to the membership each weeklymeeting.  Deal with taxes.  Collect membership dues.  Creating andorganizing educational workshops and programs.  4 hours per week.     David Molnar -- secretary:  record minutes of all meetings, prepareall legal paperwork and forms.  8 hours per week.     Andy Isaacson -- board member:  facilitate meetings on rotating basiswith others, organize committees, create and organize educationalworkshops and programs, fund raising.  8 hours per month.     Rachel McConnell -- board member:  facilitate meetings on rotatingbasis with others, create and organize educational workshops andprograms, fund raising.  8 hours per month.     Noah Balmer -- board member:  facilitate meetings on rotating basiswith others, create and organize educational workshops and programs,fund raising.  8 hours per month.Is the above cool enough?Mitch.-----------------     
This is fine for background information.  The other information I need isabreak down of duties of officers/key personnel, even though they are notpaid, in administering the organization and implementing the ³mission².Rgds,Carolon 9/16/08 8:44 PM, Mitch Altman at mitch at CornfieldElectronics.com wrote:       
Hi Carol,I got the rest of the info for the 501(c)(3) application data:Jake Applebaum:  Software Engineer for the Tor Project, IndependentSecurityresearcher and professional photographer.David Molnar:  PhD candidate in Computer Science at UC-Berkeley,NationalScience Foundation Graduate Fellow, published at peer-reviewedconferences oncryptography and computer security.Mitch Altman:  CEO of Cornfield Electronics, Inc.; inventor, co-founderof3ware, Inc.Noah Balmer:  Engineer (Kiva.org), Artist, ArtisanAndy Isaacson:  Software Engineer, Linux Kernel contributor, roboticshobbyist.Rachel McConnell:  Lead Developer at Instructables.com; seamstress;electronics hobbyist; entrepreneurYou think the above is OK?  Or more detailed is better?Mitch.                  
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