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the actual document.

Rachel McConnell wrote:
> Responses as an rtf doc with our answers in blue.  For the first point, 
> where we're going to provide other docs with "supporting detail", we 
> talked about printing out copies of announcement emails & so on.  Should 
> we literally print them out and mail them, or hand them, to her?  Or can 
> we send links to the archives, or (for the sticker) photos of it on 
> people's laptops or something?  Maybe pix from HOPE with the banner?
> R
> Mitch Altman wrote:
>> And some final questions from Carol...
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>> Subject: [Fwd: And a few last questions]
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>> Subject:     And a few last questions
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>> Hi Mitch:  Here are just a few final (hopefully) questions, taken from 
>> the
>> IRS application form:
>> 1.  Do we have any representative copies of newsletters, brochures, or
>> similar documents for supporting details about activities and 
>> fundraising?
>> Is the only source of communication the wiki?  I looked at it and it is
>> totally transparent.  The IRS usually does look at this as part of the
>> application review process, so we should be mindful of that.  I guess 
>> I can
>> print out some of the wiki?  Any other ideas?
>> 2.  Question:  Are any of your officers and directors related to each 
>> other
>> through family or business relationships?  If yes explain.
>> 3.  Is there a business relationship with any of Noisebridge's 
>> officers or
>> directors?  If  yes, describe.  (for example, if one of the
>> directors/officers were your landlord, or a vendor, etc.)
>> 4.  Do any of the officers or directors receive compensation from any 
>> other
>> organizations, whether tax exempt or taxable, that are related to
>> Noisebridge through common control?  If yes, explain.
>> 5.  NOTE:  The application requires Noisebridge to certify that in
>> establishing any compensation arrangements for officers and directors (or
>> future employees, etc.) that you will adhere to the following:
>>     a.  The individuals or groups that approve compensation arrangements
>> will follow a conflict of interest policy (which is set forth in the 
>> bylaws)
>>     b.  No compensation will be paid without advance approval by the 
>> board
>>     c.  The approval process will be documented in writing, including the
>> date and terms of approved compensation arrangements.
>> 6.  Will Noisebridge compensate anyone through non-fixed payments, 
>> such as
>> discretionary bonuses or revenue-based payments?  If yes, describe all
>> non-fixed compensation arrangements, including how the amounts are
>> determined, who is eligible for such arrangements, whether you place a
>> limitation on total compensation and how you determine or will determine
>> that you pay no more than reasonable compensation for services.  AND will
>> such non-fixed payments exceed $50,000 annually?
>> 7.  Will Noisebridge purchase from/ or sell to/ any goods, services, or
>> assets from/to  any of its officers directors or future employees or 
>> highly
>> compensated independent contractors?  IF yes, describe how you determine
>> that the terms are negotiated at arm's length and that no more than fair
>> market value is paid.  Attach copies of any written contracts or 
>> agreements
>> relevant to same.
>> 8.  Any loans, leases, contracts or other agreements between 
>> Noisebridge and
>> its officers, directors (future employees or independent 
>> contractors)?  If
>> so, attach.  This includes business dealings with entities in which an
>> officer, director (or employee or independent contractor) has even a 35%
>> interest. 
>> 9.  In carrying out  your exempt purposes, do you provide goods, 
>> services,
>> or funds to individuals?  To other organizations?  If yes, describe.
>> 10.  Do any of your programs limit the provision of goods, services, or
>> funds to  specific individual or group of specific individuals?  Such as,
>> only to your members?   If yes, describe.  Also describe  how individuals
>> are selected for each program.
>> 11.  Do any of the recipients of goods, services of funds from 
>> Noisebridge
>> programs have a family or business relationship with any officer, 
>> director
>> (or in future, with employees or independent contractors?).  If  yes,
>> explain.
>> 12.  Do you or will you maintain separate accounts for any contributor 
>> under
>> which the contributor has the right to advise on the use or 
>> distribution of
>> funds?
>> 13.  Describe further how fundraising will be accomplished.   Give as 
>> many
>> specifics as possible.
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