[Noisebridge-board] mail at 83c

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Mon Apr 6 15:05:06 UTC 2009

1. The notice from the attorney general about our inclusion into the
registry of charitable trusts, as Carol mentioned, requesting a copy of
our 501(c)(3) letter.

2. A letter from Google's Matching Gift Program requesting a copy of our
501(c)(3) letter.  There isn't anything specific about who requested a
matching gift or how much it was for.

I've placed both of these in the manila folder marked 'misc'.  I'd have
made a 'waiting for 501-c-3' but didn't see an empty one and am not
inspired to go get more.

In the bin below that shelf, there are 2 checks for membership dues.
Also, an envelope for Praveen, I assume in his capacity of managing the
Walter Funk thing.  I'll email him about this separately.


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