[Noisebridge-board] RRF-1 and Form 990 update; october - december gross receipts < $37.5K ?

David Molnar dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 7 23:14:21 UTC 2009

hi all,

I've taken a first pass over the RRF-1 form and the 990 Form. First, the
bad news: I read again and they are due 4 and a half months from the
close of our fiscal year. That's 15 April, which is coming up soon.
I screwed up earlier when I said they were due 15 May.

The good news is that RRF-1 is a very simple form. The form just asks
for our gross revenue in the 2008 fiscal year, total assets, and asks
for more information if we do any of a list of things. We did not do any
of those things. Therefore I will jut fill in the

For Form 990, this is a nonprofit organization's tax return. It looks
like we qualify this year for the "postcard" version, form 990-N. This
would be beneficial because we can file it by web site. The alternative
is the Form 990-EZ, which is a more involved tax return. I have taken a
pass over the 990-EZ just in case, but if we can avoid filing it we should.

The requirement for using 990-N is that we have $25K of gross receipts
in our first tax year -- for us that is the period October 2008 to
December 2008. According to
http://www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=177338,00.html :

"An organization's gross receipts are considered to be $25,000 or less
if has been in existence for 1 year or less and received, or donors have
pledged to give, $37,500 or less during the organization's first tax year.

Mitch, do you happen to know off the top of your head what our gross
receipts were for October to December 2008? If it's less than $37.5K,
then I will go ahead and do the e-file, then mail off the RRF-1.

If we fail to qualify for the 990-N, then we should talk about whether
to file the 990-EZ now or whether to apply for an extension and engage
an accountant. Thankfully we get a free automatic 3-month extension just
by asking.

I'm heading to Noisebridge soon to work on these, and I will be at the
meeting tonight.

-David Molnar

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