[Noisebridge-board] Banking and Rent

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Wed Aug 5 22:46:32 UTC 2009

So, with some significant upcoming expenditures on the way I figured it
would be a good idea to talk to our bankers.

Carlos no longer works at the 16th St Wells Fargo (he's moved to another
branch.)  I spoke with a nice lady whose name I didn't quite catch, I
think it was Mamel.

Since Mitch is out of town I wanted to make sure we'd be able to get a
check drawn for the deposit etc.  She assured me that any signer on the
account can come to the branch with their check card and photo ID and
have a cashier's check drawn up.

So, as long as we have the funds in the right accounts we should be good
to go on the rent/deposit/etc front.

Also, I will need to verify but I believe we paid our last month's rent
in advance when we moved in to 83c.  So if September is our last month
at 83c, we should be careful not to pay that rent twice.


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