[Noisebridge-board] 83c lease

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Sun Aug 23 01:03:27 UTC 2009

I reviewed the lease on 83c today.

The lease states that its term is through September 30 and that the
tenant should give 30 days notice of termination.

The lease does not say whether we paid the last month's rent in advance.

My memory says that we did, but I don't actually have a written record.

If I recall correctly, Jake wrote the initial check.

Do we have a record of what we paid at lease inception?

Assuming my memory is correct, we should not pay September rent, and
should instead send a written notice that we're terminating our lease at
the end of September.

-andy (and then we need to GTFO of 83c before the end of September.)

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