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Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 7 07:33:58 UTC 2009

> Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 22:31:18 -0800> From: dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu> To: board at lists.noisebridge.net> Subject: [Noisebridge-board] Comcast bill> > We received a Comcast bill for $140.42. This includes a "Past Due"> amount of $70.21 . I will write a cheque for this and put it in the mail> ASAP. Not sure how we missed paying the bill last month. I will check> the Wells Fargo bill pay to see if we sent it and perhaps Comcast didn't> notice.> > -David Molnar
I have records of only two payments to Comcast:
     29-Oct-08:  $169.21   Oct-08 bill (includes setup)
     7-Nov-08:  $70.21   Nov-08 bill
No one notified me about receiving the December bill.  It must have gotten misplaced before someone who could notify me saw it.  Do we have a place where all mail goes?
Thanks for paying Dec and Jan bill, David.  If it's easier, you can pay it online with our WFB Bill Pay.
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