[Noisebridge-board] Comcast stuff

David Alexander Molnar dmolnar at EECS.berkeley.EDU
Wed Jan 28 23:52:02 UTC 2009

On Wed, 28 Jan 2009, Mitch Altman wrote:

> I'm not sure why the $1.00 charge is there.  Is the $416 for Dec-08 + 
> Jan-09?

I'm on the phone with Comcast now. The internet services person has 
removed the block on our service. The only payment he sees on our account 
is $146 from 27 January 2009, which covers our outstanding balance.

This doesn't explain the $416. I talked to the Comcast billing department. 
They do not see any debit on their side for $416 for our account, they 
only see the $146. They asked me to contact the bank, then get the 
reference number, date, and time of the transaction. Then the Comcast 
billing department will try to figure out why Comcast made the bill.

-David Molnar

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