[Noisebridge-board] Moving, liability, etc (was Re: To Geoff Re: Buildout cost estimates)

David Molnar dmolnar at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 17:33:13 UTC 2009

Hey everyone,

Thanks, Geoff, as always, for the information. I appreciate hearing
about facts "on the ground" with respect to zoning and buildout
issues. I hadn't considered the possibility of taking out a loan. That
could be a reasonable way for us to meet capital needs associated with
a buildout. Christie raises the point that it may lead to fewer
donations, which is worth considering.

I do think that we could qualify for a loan despite being a hacker
space. We have managed to successfully navigate our previous rental,
501c3 status, taking out insurance, and other interaction with the
rest of the world. The nice thing is that most of these people just
don't seem to care how counter cultural we are or aren't.

In any case, taking out a loan would be a consensus decision -- it's
not something any of us can say yes or no to right here. Our banker at
Wells Fargo, Cris Muniz, would be a good place to start the
conversation and get some facts specific to our situation. I and Mitch
at least, maybe others, have talked with him in person. Mitch also has
some contacts at First Republic related to his business at Cornfield
Electronics. This would be a good thing to bring up at Tuesday's
meeting as part of the discussion moving. I'll add it to the agenda
and I can lead discussion on it. Not sure if I'll have time to talk to
Cris before the meeting but will see if I can - others feel free to do
so as well.

At this point my main concern is our estimated costs of the buildout
for 2169 Mission. I've seen numbers ranging from $6K to $100K thrown
around. The $100K sounds like it's for a plan where everything is done
by contractors. The $6K comes from Andy's recent message to
noisebridge-discuss proposing contractors for the bathroom and DIY for
the rest. That's another thing I'd like to talk about on Tuesday.

-David Molnar

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