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> Hi!


> The IRS letter came today. Good news is possibly on the way. The letter

> explains that they have our application and that it possibly falls into

> one of three groups. Those groups are:

> 1 - "Those that can be pressed immediately based on information submitted"

> 2 - "Those that need minor additional information to be resolved"

> 3 - "Those the reqire additional development"


> If we fall into either group one or two, we're good to go. We'll get an

> exemption letter within "approximately 60 days of the date the

> application was submitted."


> I'm going to put the letter into the folder on the shelf with

> incorporation documents if anyone wants to read it.




That was fast!



Carol said to expect those three categories.  If the work we did was good, we should be in category 1 or 2 -- hopefully 1!



What shelf are you talking about?  On my shelf (marked "Mitch") there is a packet of copies of all of the documents from Carol.





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