[Noisebridge-board] member named Ian?

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Sun Mar 29 04:22:43 UTC 2009

This means we have three lists, including each of yours plus the one in
the folder upstairs at 83c of membership forms of people who have been
inducted at meetings.  That one won't, of course, include the original
list but only members created since then.


David Molnar wrote:
> Mitch Altman wrote:
>> David,
>> Do you have a list of members?  If so, could you please email it to me?  If not, I believe you need to create one (by CA law), yes?  I will follow this email with another with the latest membership spreadsheet I have attached.
> Yes, I have the list of "official members" we inducted previously. I'll
> e-mail that to you.
> I do need an up to date list of members - thanks for sending me the
> spreadsheet.
> -David Molnar

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