[Noisebridge-board] 501(c)(3) documentation

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 7 20:39:39 UTC 2009

After Carol Gee finished all of our 501(c)(3) application for the IRS I gave Andy a big fat stack of papers from Carol which was a copy of the whole thing.



There have been several people from other hacker spaces who have asked me about seeing our application.  I just got another request from Pumping Staion: One (in Chicago).  



It would be really useful for other hacker spaces (and other non-profits) to see our application, since that would make it wasy easier on them to do their 501(c)(3) application (with the caveats that ours is uniqe for our situation in our state of CA).



Would it be possible for someone to scan the stack of papers that comprise our 501(c)(3) application and put it up on our wiki (or somewhere where others can download it)?





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