[Noisebridge-board] Meeting Minutes 2009-10-15

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Fri Oct 16 08:20:08 UTC 2009

[If someone could wiki these and stick them on our site, I'd appreciate

Mitch Altman, Rachel McConnell, Andy Isaacson, and Shannon Lee were
present at 2169; David Molnar and Jacob Appelbaum called in by phone.

1. Mitch moved that Jeffrey (ieatlint -- I should learn his last name)
be appointed treasurer.  All were in favor.

2. We discussed the member tracking problem.  The treasurer and
secretary cooperate to maintain a member list, and the list can get out
of date.  No action was taken, but the treasurer and secretary agreed to
continue to cooperate.

3. We discussed if Noisebridge has or needs a member removal process.
No action was taken.

4. Andy moved that Seth Schoen be appointed secretary, subject to two
 - that Seth agree to be secretary
 - that the membership formally consense on Seth as secretary
the motion was carried with no opposition.

5. We discussed Shannon Lee as new board member, replacing Noah Balmer.
Rachel is continuing the process of achieving unanimous consent from the
membership; until that happens, Shannon is not formally appointed.

6. We recognized Noah Balmer's resignation as board member (this being
our first board meeting since his resignation in the spring).

7. We discussed overall governance proposals, including
 - making the board much larger (most or all members)
 - forming an "advisory board" of interested members to provide a forum
   for governance issues to offload them from the Tuesday meetings
 - modifying the consensus process (but how?)
 - establishing a standing committee to provide a place to refer
   governance business to from the Tuesday meetings
None of these require board action -- a membership consensus would be
necessary in any case, and is entirely sufficient (except for changing
the size of the Board of Directors, which could go up to 11 with a
board resolution or higher with a change to the bylaws.)  The board took
no action.

8. Voting method for the board election.  We need to elect a new board;
we should have a non-sucky method.  Andy volunteered to research and
write up a proposal, which will be sent out by 2009-10-18 and will be up
for discussion at the Tuesday meeting 2009-10-20.

9. All business complete, we adjourned at 7:29 so that Andy could make
it to the Gogol Bordello show.  The show was great.


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