[Noisebridge-board] Meeting Minutes 2009-10-15

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Fri Oct 16 08:30:16 UTC 2009

Wikified, https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Board_meeting_2009-10-15

I made one edit: I added "(it does)" after "if Noisebridge has or needs
a member removal process".


Andy Isaacson wrote:
> [If someone could wiki these and stick them on our site, I'd appreciate
>  it.]
> Mitch Altman, Rachel McConnell, Andy Isaacson, and Shannon Lee were
> present at 2169; David Molnar and Jacob Appelbaum called in by phone.
> 1. Mitch moved that Jeffrey (ieatlint -- I should learn his last name)
> be appointed treasurer.  All were in favor.
> 2. We discussed the member tracking problem.  The treasurer and
> secretary cooperate to maintain a member list, and the list can get out
> of date.  No action was taken, but the treasurer and secretary agreed to
> continue to cooperate.
> 3. We discussed if Noisebridge has or needs a member removal process.
> No action was taken.
> 4. Andy moved that Seth Schoen be appointed secretary, subject to two
> conditions:
>  - that Seth agree to be secretary
>  - that the membership formally consense on Seth as secretary
> the motion was carried with no opposition.
> 5. We discussed Shannon Lee as new board member, replacing Noah Balmer.
> Rachel is continuing the process of achieving unanimous consent from the
> membership; until that happens, Shannon is not formally appointed.
> 6. We recognized Noah Balmer's resignation as board member (this being
> our first board meeting since his resignation in the spring).
> 7. We discussed overall governance proposals, including
>  - making the board much larger (most or all members)
>  - forming an "advisory board" of interested members to provide a forum
>    for governance issues to offload them from the Tuesday meetings
>  - modifying the consensus process (but how?)
>  - establishing a standing committee to provide a place to refer
>    governance business to from the Tuesday meetings
> None of these require board action -- a membership consensus would be
> necessary in any case, and is entirely sufficient (except for changing
> the size of the Board of Directors, which could go up to 11 with a
> board resolution or higher with a change to the bylaws.)  The board took
> no action.
> 8. Voting method for the board election.  We need to elect a new board;
> we should have a non-sucky method.  Andy volunteered to research and
> write up a proposal, which will be sent out by 2009-10-18 and will be up
> for discussion at the Tuesday meeting 2009-10-20.
> 9. All business complete, we adjourned at 7:29 so that Andy could make
> it to the Gogol Bordello show.  The show was great.
> -andy
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