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David Molnar dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Oct 25 23:12:34 UTC 2009

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Should be fine for you to sign it. Agree with skipping terrorism
coverage. IIRC we skipped it last year as well.

Jeffrey Malone wrote:
> I've had the opportunity to review the packet our insurance agent has
> sent us.  It requires signatures, and for us to opt in/out of
> terrorism coverage.
> I personally think getting terrorism coverage is wholly pointless, and
> in lieu of people advising me otherwise, will have us opt out and save
> the $100 premium.
> The total cost for the year of coverage is estimated to be $1393.54
> including taxes and fees.
> The packet is addressed to David Molnar, but the insurance agent is
> indeed familiar with me.  At the moment, I intend to sign the
> documents on behalf of Noisebridge, but I am curious if I should
> instead seek out a board member's signature and/or include a memo
> specifying that I am newly an officer with signing authority for the
> organisation.
> I plan on postmarking this tomorrow, as I think we need insurance ASAP
> -- unless I hear otherwise, that is, so if you have comments, make
> them quickly please.
> Jeffrey
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