[Noisebridge-board] Monies for cleaning Noisebridge

Jeffrey Malone ieatlint at tehinterweb.com
Fri Oct 30 19:17:17 UTC 2009

Hey, just wanted to explain what this is as per any confusion with
those of you who look at the bank account:

Pending Transaction:
(Will increase to $120 when it fully posts)

This was a "cleaning expense" for Thursday's cleaning event.  The
current plan, as discussed with Mitch, is to fund dinner with a ~$100
budget for those who show up at the bi-monthly cleaning event.  This
would be in lieu of hiring cleaners (which would far exceed that
amount), and re-assessed after a month or so to determine if it's
working (ie, if things are actually getting cleaned properly).
Ultimately, we may end up saving a bit of money, and make people more
aware of the messes they make when they go through the steps of
actually cleaning up.

As such, last night we had this event and purchased 11 sandwiches from
Ike's Place for the participants.  The cost was as above, $95.42, with
the difference to $120 a tip.  Rubin was kind enough to simply offer
$20 to bring the amount spent back down to $100.

Separately, I also purchased cleaning supplied for Noisebridge at
Costco and Walgreens.  These included:

2x Swiffer Refills Wet ($10.79ea)
2x Swiffer Refills Dry ($10.79ea)
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner ($8.69)
Clorox Toilet Tank Tablets ($9.99)
Nitrile Exam Gloves ($14.99)
Comet 6pk ($5.79)
Sponge 18pk ($11.79)
Handsoap refill (~1gal or something) ($7.99)

Total: $112

(This Costco purchase also included Napkins, Coke and Hansens, which I
will seek reimbursement for separately)


2x Swiffer Kit (mop) ($13.99ea)

Total: $30.64

Combined total: $142.64

Not a small amount, I'm aware -- more than we spent on sandwiches by
nearly half.  However, most of these are purchases that will last many
months before needing a refill.  A high up-front cost, but overall
rather cheap, and since we were even lacking things to clean the
toilet with, rather necessary.
Since it feels improper to me to simply pay for things with
Noisebridge funds, I paid for all of the above out of my pocket, but
intend to seek reimbursement.

If people here feel that I should discuss this with the group as a
whole at a weekly meeting, or even try to get consensus for this, I'm
happy to do that.  This would count as a cleaning expense for
Noisebridge, for which money was approved, but no budget was actually
Anyway, consider me testing the waters of this to see if there's any
opposition to me simply cutting myself a check before taking further
steps to get approval.


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