[Noisebridge-board] New French in San Francisco - search for roommate

Adrien LEMAIRE lemaire.adrien at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 15:41:39 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,
I've heard about noise bridge last week, in the french Frhack conferences.
It's a great thing, because I'll come in San Francisco on October 1st, for
one year (study in a french Computer Science school, SUPINFO, sponsorised by
Dominican University in USA).

Like I'm passionated by hacking and informatic security stuff, it will be a
pleasure to join your community for one year, and learn lots of things with
you (because my skills aren't strong).
Does someone here make a roommate and have a room open in the beginning of
October ? I'll come with my girlfriend, so I'd like to find a room
(furnished if possible, with a bed 2 places of course), around $800 per
month (we are student, life is difficult and we couldn't pay more :/ ).

It could be really nice for me if I make a roommate with another people
passionated by hacking. Then my school will be in north of San Francisco (
so if you can propose me a location near this place, it will be perfect :D

Thank you for your answer if interested,

Best regards, and see you soon at San Francisco
Adrien Lemaire
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