[Noisebridge-board] ex libris noisebridge

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Wed Feb 10 00:18:16 UTC 2010

Andy Isaacson writes:

> I want one of these:
> http://www.idealseal.net/services.html
> specifically,
> http://www.idealseal.net/sitebuilder/images/IMG_0048_edited-149x150.jpg
> only with Latin rather than English, for the Noisebridge library.
> It goes with something like
> http://www.stamp-connection.com/products/EMB-MDESK-CORP.html
> and looks totally awesome and retro.  (A coworker of mine had embossed
> all his books, years back, and it's stuck with me since.)
> If nobody beats me to it, I'll cook up some art and send it off to
> Ideal.  But it'd be great if somebody could beat me to it.  I can deal
> with PDF, SVG, and (maybe) .ai.
> Seth, can you vet the Latin?  I think we want
>      Ex Libris
>       (logo)
>     Noisebridge
> I don't really want to translate "Noisebridge" to Latin although that'd
> be amusing.

I've rendered it as "Pons Strepitus" (genitive "Pontis Strepitus") but
that, of course, doesn't really make any sense in Latin.

I do feel pretty confident about our motto being "liberales inter vos
estote", though.

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