[Noisebridge-board] Hackerspace Study Questionnaire

Joe Schlesinger joe.s at ieee.org
Mon Jul 5 03:51:58 UTC 2010


My name is Joseph Schlesinger, and for graduating project at Worcester
Polytechnic Institute I am starting a hackerspace in Lowell, MA, as well as
investigating hackerspaces and maker-culture in general. As part of the
final report for the school, we are interviewing a number of the more
well-known hackerspace-type locations. Would someone at Noisebridge be
willing to be interviewed for this? I'd prefer IM (AIM:makeitlabs), but
phone would also do. I can be reached at (603) 722-0006.

Joseph Schlesinger
MITRE Systems Engineer - schlesinger at mitre.org
MakeIt Labs - makeitlabs.com - Founder
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