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> Noisebridge Treasurer writes:
> > I'm not clear... we need to know the membership list to determine who can
> > "vote"?
> > 
> > We can have that list pretty quickly, though I'd rather not compile it any
> > time in the next few weeks cause I'm super busy. But I have a list in Xero,
> > and Seth compiled a list from the binder, and between the two we should be
> > fairly clear.
> > 
> > Hiatus members don't vote, so that helps. We will have a much better idea of
> > who those are in a few weeks.
> Last year we decided that we should have a list of the members in
> good standing so that people could find out whether they should
> vote or not, although we didn't use any security measures to limit
> voting to those people (to prevent other people from voting).
> I think the reason for the list was either
> (1) maybe some people were confused about whether they should vote
> or not; or
> (2) maybe the bylaws were interpreted to mean that there had to be
> an explicit list of those who were eligible to vote.
> > I'd say Jan is fine. Does that mean we will elect a new secretary? Seth has
> > served his sentence admirably, but he's overdue.
> My recollection is that only the board is elected, not the officers
> (president, treasurer, secretary). Last year only the board members
> were up on the ballot; I replaced David Molnar because he moved to
> Seattle, not because he had served for a particular length of time.
> Similarly, I think Jof replaced Jake because Jake moved to Seattle and
> you replaced Jeffrey because he was inactive or overwhelmed (and
> Jeffrey replaced Mitch because Mitch was tired of being treasurer).
> However, I'm happy to be replaced by another secretary if someone is
> enthusiastic about taking it on.

Officers serve 1-year terms.
Officers are voted in by the board.  But the board is bound by our bylaws only to vote for what the membership wants.  So, we had the membership vote for approval of what the board recommended.  
When the board gets together, it is totally fine for the board to vote on something like the following before the membership votes:  "X will serve as officer for function X if the membership approves."
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