[Noisebridge-board] WF Bank transactions

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 03:21:58 UTC 2010

I've got Paypal reconciled and I'm now trying to parse the WF Bank
statement.  What are these check card transactions? Someone has a
check card for our account? I feel like I would remember if I had been
told about this...

Also, if you have an account on the wells fargo website that allows
you to pay bills for NB, we need to meet. Those accounts are not
actually shared, so there are recurring payments set up that I have no
control over.

On that note, are any of these payments yours? I have no way of
confirming what they are. Jeffrey, maybe you could reply taking a pass
over these to shorten the list?

SFPUC WEB_PAY -$188.33
CHECK CRD PURCHASE 08/27 XERO LI -$29 (repeating. is this a fee for
xero? hot damn...)
CHECK CRD PURCHASE 08/27 SONIC.N -$100 (this may be documented in our
sonic account? I don't have access to it)


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