[Noisebridge-board] WF Bank transactions

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Wed Oct 13 04:23:19 UTC 2010

There are a number of people with check cards for the NB account.  I
have one; I've never used it b/c I forgot the PIN.  If I have NB
business, which is really only depositing dues payments or donations, I
simply go to the bank.  (Or if it's cash, sometimes I keep it and make a
direct transfer from my personal wells fargo account.)

I don't know about any of those particular transactions but they seem
fairly straightforward:

electric bill
xero fee
sonic.net internet bill
garbage bill


Kelly wrote:
> I've got Paypal reconciled and I'm now trying to parse the WF Bank
> statement.  What are these check card transactions? Someone has a
> check card for our account? I feel like I would remember if I had been
> told about this...
> Also, if you have an account on the wells fargo website that allows
> you to pay bills for NB, we need to meet. Those accounts are not
> actually shared, so there are recurring payments set up that I have no
> control over.
> On that note, are any of these payments yours? I have no way of
> confirming what they are. Jeffrey, maybe you could reply taking a pass
> over these to shorten the list?
> SFPUC WEB_PAY -$188.33
> CHECK CRD PURCHASE 08/27 XERO LI -$29 (repeating. is this a fee for
> xero? hot damn...)
> CHECK CRD PURCHASE 08/27 SONIC.N -$100 (this may be documented in our
> sonic account? I don't have access to it)
> -Kelly
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