[Noisebridge-board] Ed and community service at Noisebridge

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Fri Aug 19 05:45:47 UTC 2011

Hello board, discuss,

So some of you met Ed at the last meeting, who has been deemed by the good
judges of Illinois worthy of doing 60 hours community service in penance for
a past action which he will happily regale you with (say hi to him in the
space, or mail me for his email address -- unfortunately, his mail rather
gives his name away, and given that part of his fine is to have all record
erased after a year, I don't particular want to add to the permanent record.
I've bbc'd him here.)

Anyway, he came last meeting to talk to us about doing his community service
at Noisebridge.

We all cross-examined him at the meeting, and found that he seems nice,
likes driving, went to culinary college, and is probably only in the top 50%
percentile of reprobateness within Noisebridge's spread. He was already
working when I left.

He's getting me the paperwork that we'd have to sign. From the sounds of is
mostly his obligations, and how we can ensure that we accurately measure and
relay to the authorities what good he's been up to with us.

I proposed that he be put under the non-hierarchical auspices of Robert Chu
and Miloh who are experts at finding things to do.

I think the timeline is a week-and-a-half to get things sorted. I'm going to
run over the paperwork and put it up somewhere so we can see if it imposes
obligations on noisebridge that might trigger a consensus requirement.

My feeling right now is that it probably wouldn't, but happy to spend some
time with someone else to work out whether we should. If we think it will,
I'll sign them provisional on membership approval, and go for consensus over
the next two weeks.

Questions, answers, details to be added etc can go here:

In summary, free labor!

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