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Can someone give me an opinion on how many T-shirts to keep at $3.50 each?  I need to resolve this.  Should I just unilarterally choose myself?  Please opine! Mitch.
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Subject: NB T-shirts
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 21:30:12 -0700

We received our T-shirt order from East Bay Screenprint.  Sort of.  We received 199 instead of 200, and they reversed the women's and men's sizes, so we have only a handful of men's sizes and a lot of women's sizes.
I let East Bay Screenprint know, and they said they would send us a label to ship all of the shirts we don't want back to them, but that they would sell us any of the women's sizes for $3.50 each -- which is a really good price.  So, should we keep any of the women's sizes for this price (beyond the ones we ordered)?
Here's what I ordered:
     30 men's S
     52 men's M
     52 men's L
     38 men's XL
      7 men's XXL
      1 women's S
      1 women's M
     11 women's L
      8 women's XL
And here's what we received:
     30 women's S
     52 women's M
     52 women's L
     37 women's XL
      7 women's XXL
      1 men's S
      1 men's M
     11 men's L
      8 men's XL
FYI, a women's XL is about the same size as a men's M.
Please let me know your thoughts, yae or nay, or whatever -- so I can make a decision and communicate with East Bay Screenprint.

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