[Noisebridge-board] need people to be on call list for a Noisebridge 311 service

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Mon Sep 5 08:53:35 UTC 2011

So I hacked together an extension on Noisebridge's phone system for 311
number that people can call if they need assistance.

Calling it will email/text a bunch of people, and let them join a conference
call with the person to help confer. It's mainly intended for the times when
people want some backup from people who aren't currently at he space, but
they know/help will be helpful.

It's not the best solution (it's hosted at NB, I wanted something that would
be independent of power + internet), but it's not the first time that
somebody wanted a ring group number to call for backup at the space, and I
let it slide.

Anyway, I need people to be on the phone roster to test it out. I feel that
board members should at the very least  be on it, but the more the merrier.

Send me your email addresses or SMS gateway email address details if you'd
like to join. Basically you'll occasionally get an an email or text asking
you to join a conference call (which hopefully the original caller is on).
We can make it cleverer as tims go on.

https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/311 for more info on it -- or check out the
pony:/etc/asterisk/extensions.conf and

Yay, I learned Asterisk!

PS andy -- is it ok that this number is becoming be defacto Noisebridge's
own. Would you like us to move over to a cheap SIP account that Noisebridge
would actually own?
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