[Noisebridge-board] Please help - Hacker & Creativity Survey

Maria Halbinger mha.ino at cbs.dk
Mon Jun 4 13:02:10 UTC 2012

Dear Noisebridge Board Members,

I am a hackerspace member and researcher from Denmark and I'd like to ask for your help with a research project on hackers and creativity.
I was not sure if you would like that I just post on your discuss list, therefore I hope you do not mind that I write directly to you.

Together with hackers from different countries, we created a survey that includes a small challenge, located here: http://bit.ly/surv_el

I kindly ask you to fill out the survey and feel free to forward the link throughout the Noisebridge community.
Would be really great to involve you all at Noisebridge in this project as it would help advancing research on creativity, hacking and entrepreneurial activities.

I highly appreciate your time. Thank you for participating in this study and for distributing the link!
It is only through the help of people like you that I am able to pursue my research.

Many thanks,

Maria Halbinger
PhD Fellow
Copenhagen Business School
My Website http://bit.ly/J7Vnev

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