[Noisebridge-board] give a presentation tomorrow night?

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 5 00:56:33 UTC 2012

Maxime Leroy (cc-ed on this email) is filming a documentary called "Collaborative Cities".  They'll be filming at Noisebridge Monday before and during Circuit Hacking Monday.  Maxime will be interviewing others while in SF.  Tomorrow night (Friday), from 6pm till 6:30pm, there is a meetup of people from organizations that are represented in the documentary.

Anyone want to represent Noisebridge, and give a short presentation for a couple minutes?

Here is a link to the meetup:

Here is a description of the documentary:

"'Collaborative Cities' is an interactive documentary featuring inspiring entrepreneurs and communities in a new economy built around sharing and collaboration.
This documentary is about people from vibrant cities across Europe and North America, sharing resources, knowledge, skills, facilities and amazing experiences.
People who build and participate in education, food, mobility, housing, work, and finance services and projects are reinventing the world we live in. We want to tell their stories.
Follow the project in San Francisco and eleven other cities at <http://collaborative-cities.com/>'

You can contact Maxime or me if you are interested, or have any questions:
Mitch:  415-377-5993

Maxime:  + 347-922-8549 
hello at maximeleroy.com


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