[Noisebridge-board] Administriva: board election, officer selection, and other things that really shouldn't matter

Tom Lowenthal me at tomlowenthal.com
Tue Feb 26 23:59:38 UTC 2013

Hear ye, hear ye:

Tonight, this Twenty-Sixth of February 2013, at the Hour of Eight in
the evening we shall begin the week-long Ritual of the Placation of
the State. Tonight's Entertainment shall include:

* the Election of the Board
* the Selection of some Officers
* other Duties required by the [Bylaws][1]

Next Tuesday, upon the Third of March 2013, we shall End the Ritual,
concluding with our constitutionally required *Annual General Members'
Meeting*. Let Excitement abound!

The Election of the Board

Starting at Nine PM, we shall Begin the Election of the Board for
2013. Voting will Continue until Nine in the evening next Tuesday, the
Third of March. Any Member in Good Standing is eligible to cast one
Ballot, choosing from among the Qualified and duly Nominated

* Carl
* Leif
* Merlin
* Mischief
* Nthmost
* Ping
* Yan

The Chief Returning Officer, Leif, will provide any Member in Good
Standing with one Secure paper Ballot, which may be Cast at any time
until the Polls close. As [ordained][3], we shall use Approval voting.
If you are Unsure whether you are a Member in Good Standing, reply
**Privately** by Return of Mail or ask me in Person, and I shall
Enlighten you. If you are Unable to Cast your Ballot at Noisebridge
this Tuesday evening or next, please make an Appointment with Leif or
Myself to Receive and Cast your ballot. If you have other Questions,
please Ask.

The Selection of the Officers

In addition to a Noble and Honest Board, we require certain Officers
to perform (or to Refrain from performing) critical functions. Though
Officers are to be Selected by the Board, the Opinion of the Members
may be of Substantial Import in the Board's Decision. By Consensus, we
shall Propose Candidates this week, and Agree upon them at the Meeting
next week.

Other Duties which may be Required

In addition to the Foregoing, we shall Peruse the Bylaws to determine
what Other sundry Rituals are Required of us, and carry those out
Dutifully, and without Delay.

Your Humble Servant
Tom Lowenthal

1: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Bylaws
2: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Board/2013_Nominations
3: https://www.noisebridge.net/pipermail/noisebridge-discuss/2012-December/033781.html

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