[Noisebridge-board] Noisebridge general meeting and board elections for 2014

Tom Lowenthal secretary at noisebridge.net
Mon Jan 13 09:58:47 UTC 2014

Honored members of the Noisebridge Board,

Noisebridge should plan an annual general meeting, elections for the
2014 board, and any change of officers which may be necessary. Per our

> A general meeting of members shall be held at least annually at such time
> and place, and on such notice, if any, as the board may determine. Unless
> elected by written ballot, directors shall be elected at this meeting.

I suggest that you do the following:

* Determine that the 2014 annual general meeting be held at 7pm on
2014-03-04, at 2169 Mission Street.
* Determine that the 2014 board election shall be occur by written
ballet, using approval voting.
* Determine that the 2014 board election shall open at 7pm on
2014-02-04, and close at 7:30pm on 2014-03-04.
* Request that I identify and empower a returning officer to
administer the 2014 board election.
* Schedule a board meeting for 7:45pm on 2014-04-04.
* Request that I make such announcements and other arrangements as may
be reasonably required for all of the above.

If you agree, please reply with an acknowledgement. If you do not all
agree, please schedule a board meeting forthwith and then provide me
with further instruction.

Tom Lowenthal
Noisebridge Secretary  |  +1 609-981-4957 | @noisebridge

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