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Tom Lowenthal me at tomlowenthal.com
Fri Jan 24 16:57:17 UTC 2014

On 23 January 2014 20:44, Alex Bandar <alex.bandar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Noisebridge,
> My name is Alex - I started a makerspace here in Columbus, OH called the
> Columbus Idea Foundry (www.ColumbusIdeaFoundry.com).  Myself and 2 of my
> friends/members will be visiting Noisebridge between Feb 27 and March 3, as
> part of a story we are writing about our trips to various
> hackerspaces/makerspaces.
> We would be delighted to sit down and chat with someone at Noisebridge,
> ideally someone in leadership, for a tour and a chat about the culture and
> benefit of hackerspaces/makerspaces, especially as regards the
> entrepreneurial innovation.
> Would it be possible to set up a time/date for a tour and a chat?  Although
> we are looking to write a piece about our experiences, if there is someone
> other than the press at noisebridge address who would be better suited to chat
> with us, please feel free to forward this to them.
> Call/email anytime! Thank you very much, and best regards,
> Alex
> 614-893-6053
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Alexander R. Bandar, Ph.D.
> Director, Columbus Idea Foundry
> 1158 Corrugated Way, Columbus OH 43201
> Alex at ColumbusIdeaFoundry.com
> cell: 614-893-6053
> on the web...
> http://www.ColumbusIdeaFoundry.com
> http://www.Facebook.com/ColumbusIdeaFoundry
> http://www.Twitter.com/ColumbusiF
> and TEDx talk....
> http://tedxcolumbus.com/speakers-performers/2011-a-moment-in-time-speakers-performers-2/alex-bandar/

Hi Alex,

Thanks for emailing us. It's always lovely to hear from someone else
who runs a hackerspace. I hope you're having fun with your traveling
hackerspace story.

Noisebridge doesn't have a lot going on in the “leadership”
department. We try to have as little authority concentrated in one
place as we can. Our meetings take place by consensus. Consensus often
seems odd if you're used to Robert's Rules or democracy or something.
Once you get used to it, it can be pretty exciting.

I've CC'd some people who might be interested in chatting with you.
Our <secretary at noisebridge.net> email alias is a little cabal of
bureaucratically-minded folks who help pay the bills and keep the
lights on. The <board at lists.noisebridge.net> mailing list includes our
board — who mostly are mostly there to take the blame when we
inevitably burn the place down, launch into orbit, or create a black
hole. There are also a couple of other folks on that mailing list who
might be interested in talking.

If you really want to talk to the Noisebridge, you might try talking
with our community. Our main discussion list is
<noisebridge-discuss at lists.noisebridge.net>. There are a whole load of
different folks there, so you'll want to anticipate “vibrant”

Thanks for thinking of Noisebridge,
Tom Lowenthal
Noisebridge Secretary

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